This page collects some of my writing focusing on politics:  federal, state and local.

New state budget, old dysfunction

Our view: California’s fiscal condition even worse than it appears

I’m particularly proud of the fiscally conservative editorials I wrote for the North County Times, like this one from July 12, 2007. I believe subsequent events have vindicated our very skeptical view towards Gov. Schwarzenegger’s budget practices and forecasts.


This page collects three editorials I wrote for the North County Times on the always sensitive and volatile issue of abortion and reproductive rights. While I respect opinions on most sides of this debate, I myself am committed to supporting the right of women to choose their own destinies. Simply put, I put the needs and expressed wishes of women over the needs and anticipated wishes of fetuses I view as only potential lives.

Food stamps

Mostly through my wife’s work, I have been exposed to more information, more statistics and more heartbreaking reality about the people who need government’s help simply putting food on the table for their families. But I didn’t simply settle for the information that she and her allies provided me, but did a good deal of my own research. And I’m proud that I found a way to argue for Big Government, sort of, through a lens which meshed well with a Libertarian, conservative-leaning editorial page. I’m also proud that this editorial was circulated throughout the state and in Sacramento by advocacy groups and legislative staffers alike, and may have helped sway some votes.


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