Multimedia me

Below are links to web pages on which I appear in video or audio clips.


  • Here’s a page with the best of the shows I’ve produced for Radio Times with Marty Moss Coane on WHYY, the National Public Radio affiliate in Philadelphia, and a bit about what went into producing them.
  • I’ve posted here some of my radio reporting for WHYY-FM.
  • Here is a link to a series of audio clips from an interview I conducted with then-Lt. Gen. James Mattis, who was in charge of Camp Pendleton and all Marines in Iraq at the time. He is among the most fascinating, impressive and important men I’ve ever interviewed, and he eventually gave us about 2 hours when his aides insisted he had only a half-hour available.
    (Be warned, though: The NCT’s audio player is terrible; you have to click “Hear Next Clip” to continue hearing the interview recording that launches from this link. Here is the weblink for the edited transcript of the interview, which was far more interesting than your average interview with a military official.)


For a few months, I guest-hosted the “Journalist Roundtable” program on the city of Oceanside, California’s local cable channel, KOCT. Some of the programs on which I appeared:

  • The Sept. 2007 program, my personal favorite, focused on former U.S. Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham, the disgraced and now-jailed Vietnam War hero who formerly represented North San Diego County in Congress. Along with host Eric Larson and San Diego Union-Tribune columnist Logan Jenkins, I interviewed the SD U-T’s Dean Calbreath, an ace reporter who participated in the U-T’s Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting that prompted the federal prosecution of Cunningham. We spoke about the book Calbreath co-wrote, The Wrong StuffThe Extraordinary Saga of Randy “Duke” Cunningham, the Most Corrupt Congressman Ever Caught.
    I also interviewed the North County Times reporters, William Finn Bennett and Mark Walker, who contributed reporting in the Cunningham investigation, and arranged to have former NCT editorial cartoonist Mark Thornhill’s Cunningham cartoons flashed in the fade-in to the commercial breaks.
  • The August 2007 program featured four guests with issues primarily of local-to-North-County-interest: Assemblyman Martin Garrick (R-Carlsbad) spoke about a bill he wrote to limit cities’ ability to cap campaign spending; a City of Oceanside planner discussed the city’s effort to redevelop around Oceanside Blvd.; a spokesman for a new citizens group discussed a grass-roots effort to oppose the San Diego Chargers’ interest in building a stadium in Oceanside; and a representative of a cemetery-operating firm discussed controversial plans to enlarge an Oceanside cemetery.
  • The June 2007 program featured a few notable guests from Oceanside: the retiring superintendent of schools, Ken Noonan; the construction manager for the North County Transit District’s controversial “Sprinter” rail line; Councilman Jack Feller, running for mayor; and his opponent, incumbent Mayor Jim Wood.

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