Environmental reporting & commentary

This page rounds up the best of what I’ve written about the subject I hold most dear: what we’re doing to the world around us.

Sabotaging seafood

Interviewing Killai fishermen, March 2004.

Interviewing Killai fishermen, March 2004.

This piece, my master’s thesis from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, focuses on the environmental and social impacts of the global trade in farmed shrimp on one tiny village on the southeastern coast of India. I have posted it in both its abridged form and its complete version.

How Greens went Blue

Piecing together a history of how U.S. environmental organizations came to care about protecting fish

A work in progress, this story attempts to trace the various threads of history that led to, in the last few decades, a flowering of conservation concern over the declining health of oceans and especially marine fish. The project was started in 2003, while I was interning for the Blue Ocean Institute, and I’m now attempting to finish it in preparation for publication.

Hope takes wing in Baja

I tagged along as a team of wildlife conservation biologists from the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park released several endangered California condors they had raised by hand. In a remote mountain park in the middle of Baja California, I got an incredible opportunity to be inches away from the huge, hissing birds in the dark, after hauling calf carcasses up a hillside for the birds to eat the next morning. And then they took flight the next day, an amazing, inspiring sight, and I wrote this news story about the experience.

A water war in Salinas

I wrote this story for The Californian, the daily newspaper for Salinas, CA. It examined the struggle over diminishing groundwater supplies between the large and powerful farms of the Salinas valley and the growing residential communities in the area. In a sidebar, I also examined the controversy over the cause of the saltwater intrusion that is slowly but surely contaminating the valley’s aquifers.

Peak oil piques energy concern

An analysis of the prospect of “peak oil,” or the beginning of the decline in global oil reserves, and its implications for global and local energy policy. I wrote this after returning from a symposium for editorial writers in Maryland and Washington D.C. in December 2005.

What divers can do to help the environment

I wrote this piece for Rodale’s Scuba Diving magazine, compiling the best suggestions for how divers who love exploring the ocean environment could protect it, too.

$3 gas may help in long run

This North County Times Editorial of April 23, 2006, hailed the (then-shockingly) high gas prices as necessary market signals hastening an American migration away from petroleum and towards tomorrow’s fuels.

Bush hooks a keeper off Hawaii

This North County Times Editorial of June 16, 2006, praised President Bush for his surprising designation of a huge swath of water offshore the northwest Hawaiian islands as a national monument, and puts that solitary act in the context of six years of environmental “stewardship” under the Bush Administration.


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