Many of my columns are still available at this North County Times link. But this page is meant to serve as an online backup for columns I’ve written.

Here are some of my favorites:

Receding waters expose coastal conceit

This column was published on Page 1 of the North County Times on Dec. 31, 2004. It was my personal take on the Indian Ocean tsunami catastrophe, which devastated some of the areas I had visited a year earlier in researching shrimp farms in southeastern India and southwestern Thailand. It also allowed me to connect the day’s news to my abiding concern for overdevelopment of the world’s coastlines.

Stopping violence against women: Not just for women anymore

This column was published by the North County Times on Feb. 20, 2005. It was my attempt to distill what I know about the role of men in combatting violence against women, using a San Diego meeting of the “Men’s Leadership Forum” as my “news peg.” It was also my Valentine’s Day present to my “girlfriend” of the lede, who’s now my wife.

Long Beach: The paradox by the sea

For the Long Beach Herald’s 10th anniversary special edition, I wrote a column that attempted to wax poetic about the contradictory nature of the City by the Sea in which I lived, loved and worked.

So long, Long Beach

In my last column as editor of the Long Beach Herald, I offered some parting thoughts for my readers and the community I covered for two years.


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