My portfolio

This page contains links to other pages upon which I have posted some of the better work I have done over a decade in print journalism.

Hurricane Katrina & David Perez

I was lucky enough to tag along and report on a most remarkable one-man private relief effort after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast. This page includes links to those stories and personal context about how an assistant editorial page editor from Escondido, CA ended up reporting from New Orleans a week after the hurricane.

Environmental reporting and commentary

This page rounds up the best of what I’ve written about the subject I hold most dear: what we’re doing to the world around us. It includes:

Interviewing angry fishermen in the small coastal village of Killai, India, in March 2004.

Interviewing angry fishermen in the small coastal village of Killai, India, in March 2004.

  • a story I wrote about the releasing of endangered California condors into the wild in a remote mountain park in Baja California, an amazing trip I was lucky enough to join
  • two versions, one shorter and one long, of my master’s thesis from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, “Sabotaging Seafood,” which focused on the environmental and social impacts of the global trade in farmed shrimp on one tiny village on the southeastern coast of India.
  • editorials I wrote for the North County Times on environmental issues
  • a work-in-progress story that attempts to chart how U.S. environmental organizations came to care about conserving fish
  • a package of stories I wrote for The (Salinas) Californian about the struggle for water between farms and cities there, and a dispute over what was causing the saltwater intrusion ruining the groundwater supplies
  • a long analysis I wrote after attending a workshop for editorial writers in Maryland and Washington D.C. in December 2005 on the concept of “peak oil,” the political action surrounding energy policy, and the potential impacts on San Diego County.
  • a piece published by Rodale’s Scuba Diving magazine discussing what divers can do to help the ocean environment they love so much


On this page I’ve collected links to pages where I appear either on video or audio. This page includes my most recent reporting, for WHYY-FM in Philadelphia.


This page links to pieces I’ve written that focus on politics: federal, state and local. Among the hot topics I’ve tackled are abortion, food stamps and California’s disastrous state budget.

Foreign policy

Featured here are writings focused on foreign policy, especially including the Iraq War. Although the North County Times was an intensely local-focused paper, the presence of Camp Pendleton in North San Diego County, and the presence of Camp Pendleton Marines in Iraq, allowed me to stretch our editorial page’s view across the globe.


Reporting from my kayak on the flooded streets of Long Beach, January 1998.

Reporting from my kayak on the flooded streets of Long Beach, January 1998.

For the North County Times, I wrote an occasional column for the Perspective section in our Sunday edition, which appeared under the “Driftwords” heading online. These columns included long-form magazine-style pieces, investigative journalism, consumer watchdog efforts, and personal opinions.

For the Long Beach Herald, I wrote a weekly column called “Driftwords” that mixed commentary with notes about happenings around the Long Beach barrier island on the south shore of Long Island, NY. To my regret, the Herald Community Newspapers did not yet have a web presence when these were published, so I am in the process of scanning and posting some of my favorite columns.


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